Our approach to privacy

Whether you are using our phones, watching our TVs, paying for goods with our digital wallet, measuring your fitness with our apps, or making your home smarter, we strive to provide you a seamless experience.? In order to deliver these experiences in a way that adds value to you, there are often times when Samsung seeks to collect data about your use of our products and services.?

At Samsung, we recognize the importance you place on the value of your privacy and we want you to know that we do, too.? To better customize your experience, when you use Samsung products and services, we may ask you to provide information about who you are, how you use your device, and what interests you, such as the websites, apps, TV shows and online content you like.? We also recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and information.? Our products and services are designed with privacy and security at top of mind.? Let us tell you a bit more about how.?

? ????? Galaxy Phones & Privacy: ? ?our phones have many features designed to protect your data should your phone be lost, stolen or used without your permission.? Features such as fingerprint, facial and iris authentication are designed to ensure that you, and only you, can access and use your phone.?

? ????? Knox & Privacy: ? ?the protection of your personal data is supported by industry-leading security.? Samsung has developed a defense-grade security solution called Knox that is built into the architecture of our? devices.? Data that you store in Knox is protected by one of the highest levels of encryption currently available.? This technology is not just for mobile devices, but can also be used to help secure information traveling through connected devices in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).?

? ????? Payments & Privacy: ? ?our digital wallet, Samsung Pay, incorporates a technology called tokenization that securely stores your payment card data for use in payment transactions with Samsung Pay. To learn more, please see the Samsung Pay Privacy Notice.

? ????? Smart TVs & Privacy: ? ?we use encryption on our Smart TVs for the storage and transmission of your information when you use apps or surf the Internet on your Smart TV. You also can make choices about the types of? information that your Smart TV collects to provide you with personalized recommendations.? To learn more, please see the Smart TV Privacy Policy.

? ????? Appliances & Privacy: ? ?connected appliances, such as our Family Hub refrigerators, use information you provide to enable features such as calendar sharing and shopping lists. These devices also feature services that allow you to order products through third parties. The data you provide is secured with industry-standard encryption to help protect your information.

? ????? Samsung Ads & Privacy: ? we aim to provide you with advertisements that are customized to your interests.? We also provide you with the option to limit the types of ads you receive and we respect the choices you make.? To learn more, please see the Samsung Ads Privacy Notice.

Our priority is to use the information we collect to enhance your experience with our products and services.? Customer satisfaction is very important to us and our customers drive the way we innovate our products and services. We use the data we collect to learn about what products and services our customers use and like, and where we can improve.? Delivering to you a personalized, seamless experience that you find valuable can only be crafted if we know what works for you.? We are committed to protecting your privacy while providing the best possible product and service experience to you.? To learn more about our privacy practices and the choices available to you, please see our?Privacy Policy.

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