宁夏快彩12选5:Samsung Galaxy S9 Performance - AKG Stereo Speakers & Water Resistance


Inner Hardware of Samsung Galaxy S9+
Move on from your lagging phone
Faster downloading movies and videos. Faster downloading of email attachments. Faster response time when live streaming games.
We're born to do what can't be done
Wach Film

Stereo speakers tuned by AKG

Experience audio

Hear the action crisper and louder on the stereo speakers tuned by AKG. They offer pure sound that's 1.4x more powerful than previous Galaxy phones.

AKG Logo
Woman watching 'Escape, an Animated Short' by Dolby on Galaxy S9+.
Video of a concert

Dolby Atmos

Immerse yourself in sound.

A new dimension of audio has arrived. Dolby Atmos technology surrounds you with multidimensional
sound, putting you at the center of a theater-like experience.

Photo of a person watching content on Galaxy S9+
Video of woman watching “Escape, an animated short” by Dolby with animated bubbles surrounding her

The engineering you expect from Galaxy.

What's innovative to others is already a Galaxy essential. Convenient features like water resistance and wireless charging are the small things that make a big difference in your daily life.

Water and dust resistance

Make a splash with the remarkable water-resistant phone.

Don't be afraid to go out and get wet. Galaxy S9 and S9+ have an IP68 rating, meaning you don't have to stop texting or taking photos on account of rain. 2

Galaxy S9+ surrounded by splashing water
Dust & Water Resistant Galaxy S9+ Splashed with Water

Wireless charging

Charging up won’t tie you down.

Don't fumble with charging cables when you need to recharge. Place your phone on the wireless charger to power up with ease. And because it props up your phone at a comfortable angle, you can keep streaming and texting. 3 4

Samsung S9+ Charging on Wireless Charging Stand
Video of Galaxy S9+ charging on the Wireless Charging Stand

AP and RAM

Switch apps in a snap.

Get your game on, watch a tutorial, or text while you stream the playoffs. Whatever you do, it's done fluidly and quickly with the powerful mobile processor and RAM combination.

Extreme close-up image of Galaxy S9+’s hardware
Close up of Galaxy S9+ Internal Hardware

Expandable memory

Forget what it’s like to run out of space.

When you need more storage for all those photos and files, simply insert a microSD card for up to 400GB of total storage on your device. 5

Close up of Galaxy S9+ SIM Tray and Samsung 256GB microSD Card

Advanced contrast enhancement

See your photos as they
were meant to be seen.

View your photos and videos vividly on this bright display. It also increases the contrast when you're outside—so even in broad daylight you and your friends will see stunning detail on-screen. 6

Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Advance Contract Enhancement Feature
Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Advance Contract Enhancement Feature

Samsung DeX

Make the world your office.

For a desktop-like experience, turn your Galaxy S9 or S9+ into a touchpad by connecting it to DeX Pad and a monitor. Access the photos and files on your phone as well as check email, surf the internet, and more on a full-size screen. 7 8 9

Aerial view of a desk with Galaxy S9+ connected to DeX Pad and Samsung monitor
Samsung S9 or S9+ Plugged into Samsung DE Station and Samsung Monitor

Samsung Knox

Block bad guys at
every layer.

Protect your sensitive data from prying eyes with the security of Samsung Knox. It's built into the phone from the chip up to make Galaxy S9 and S9+ secure to the core.

  • Hardware Root of Trust

  • Secure Boot & Trusted Boot

  • TIMA

  • SE for Android

  • The five layers of Samsung Knox: Hardware Boot of Trust, Secure Boot & Trusted Boot, TIMA, SE for Android, Knox Container

    Knox Container

Intelligent Scan

Security that knows you anywhere.

Access your phone easily and quickly with convenient technology that combines face recognition and iris scanning. Your phone can identify you in bright sunlight, low light, or even if you’re wearing sunglasses. 10 11

Person’s face with illustrated overlays depicting face recognition and iris scan
Face Iris

Open with a look, a tap, a pattern, or a PIN. There's a wide range of options
you can use to keep your phone locked until you want it.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan - Iris Scan Icon
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan -Face Recognition Icon
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan - Fingerprint Scan Icon
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan - Screen Pattern Lock Icon
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan - Screen Lock Password Icon
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Intelligent Scan - Lock Screen Pin Icon
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